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Falling For Xylentra Book Cover by sierra42098 Falling For Xylentra Book Cover :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 3 0 Rose's Outfit DiT Ch.8 by sierra42098 Rose's Outfit DiT Ch.8 :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 0 0 Yui Hitachiin OC by sierra42098 Yui Hitachiin OC :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 0 0
Weightless Words
Words don't hurt. Words are obviously powerless things meant to be thrown around. I mean, come on, when was the last time you heard that someone died because the were deeply affected by someone's words? Also, it's plain to see that it's guns that kill people, not the people that hold the gun! Human beings are such harmless, peaceful creatures. Plus, I've never seen damage on people that had words used as "weapons". If a wound isn't visible, nobody's actually hurt, right? I've also never seen a person tear themselves apart due to regret of things they've said. I've never been one of those non-existent people either. There is no way I've ever cried myself to sleep because the words I had said carried such immense power. Lets face it, words are powerless. The sword is mightier than the pen, is it not? I wasn't crying because I said I wished my grandpa was dead, I was only crying because he was dead, I swear it! It's not like it can't be unsaid. I mean, isn't that what the "take back" rule
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Too Young To Be Depressed
"She's too young to be depressed"
So how could anyone have guessed
Age twelve, she took her life
Cut her wrists with a knife
The idea: this pain ain't real
Pushed her to the cold hard steel
No one near who can understand
She buries her feelings deep in the sand
See, depression can't be limited to a certain age, race, or situation
These cases always vary across the state, across the nation
Even all over the world far and wide
Feelings are concealed, people hide
Depression, to me, is such an unfair curse
Constantly being told someone has it worse
Always a competition of who's more ill
Or treated like it can be remedied by a single pill
As if medicine could keep the inner demons from tearing us apart
But it can't even heal a broken heart
Everyone says to let it go
But they never listen to you so they'll never know
You are waiting for someone to finally care
But no one speaks up, why would they dare?
Keeping quiet to stay discrete
All because they saw how it made your decision so concrete
:iconsierra42098:sierra42098 1 0
Can You Hear Me
Can you hear me?
I'm not as happy as you'd think
I wear a mask for protection
While inside the darkness consumes me
Can you hear me?
I'm screaming for help
Everyone else around me is breathing
Yet here I am- drowning
Can you hear me?
Am I fighting a pointless battle
Things are more difficult than they said it'd be
Each day I'm becoming more despondent
Each day I'm one step closer to being free
Can you hear me?
I'm through with all my tears
Swallowed whole by my demons
This fight is unbearable
I'm suffering in silence
Can you hear me!
I'm surrounded by monsters
No hope left so I grab a knife
I'll end everything here
And I'll see you in the next life
Can you hear me?
Somewhere out there with that mask
I know you're hurt
I know you're in pain
I can hear you!
I know you're struggling
I know you're there
I know you're in need of help
Can you hear me!
I'm here by you side
I'm reaching for your hand
Don't resort to suicide
I can help you through this
Know that someone always cares
I'm ri
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He Would Shine
How can one say they truly support the underdog? How can one truly have no tolerance for bullies? How can one say that evil NEVER prospers? How can people believe in these concepts with all their heart, yet they themselves enjoy kicking others when they are down.  It’s funny how cruel and ironic life can be. Here is the soul of a girl who never stops trying, who- despite all that she has dealt with through the years- has never given up on life and always tries to make everyone feel like they belong. She is the picture of success. Every day is a new hassle, a new struggle to overcome, and she faces it with her best smile possible. She fills each and every day with hours of practice for the thing that practically saved her life. Every fiber of her being, every move she makes, every breath she takes, it’s all thanks to her so-called hobby. Her so-called hobby is the reason that she exists because without it then maybe she wouldn’t have held back on the pressure she
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Endless Pacing
     I sat and pondered upon a silent notion,
      Only to think thoughts conceived by the shattered ocean.
     An otherworldly presence building,
      All of the light left in dark concealing.
     Atop the rooftops gargoyles wallow,
      This I know for their hearts are hallow.
     Sitting silently in my drunken sorrow,
      Hope and pray for a steadfast 'morrow.
     Darkened deadly imminent demise,
      How were we considered wise.
     Monsters lurking in the darkness moan,
      Only our souls can pay the devil's loan.
     God nor Angels of this will condone,
      So we- of this world- are abandoned, alone.
     Try as we may to redeem our good graces,
      We realize all of the empty spaces.
     Struggling in our usel
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Sonoko Miyagi by sierra42098 Sonoko Miyagi :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 1 0 Kaminari Takahashi by sierra42098 Kaminari Takahashi :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 1 0
Forgotten Memories Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Suggested song: One Day To Late-Skillet
      "Kaito,I... About you..." I could feel my cheeks burning like the fire in my soul. I will tell him! My thoughts were interrupted by Kaito's gentle voice.

      "What is it Suki?" Kaito questioned in a concerned, yet gentle voice, "Suki?" 

      "Kaito..." I could feel my heart racing faster and faster. My heart a balloon filled with emotions, love, and it was about to burst open. I could feel it... I spoke softly, "I lo-"
      Bzzzt... Bzzzt... Bzzzt... Bang!
     "Ow!!!" I yelped out in pain after falling off of my bed. "Only a dream?! It was going so great though!" I slowly sat up and thought cautiously about my dream. I felt frustrated because of all of these feelings welled up inside of me, feelings I've kept hidden from everyone including myself. Now he's all I ever think of. I love him... I realiz
:iconsierra42098:sierra42098 1 0
:RQ1: Friendship Poem
A friendship so strong it's hard to find      
In the end your by my side      
Sharing warmth, love, and peace of mind       
I felt alone til I met you, one so kind        
I wished our relationship would with time bide      
A friendship so strong it's hard to find      
We met and our fates became intertwined      
Always there as the one in which I could confide      
Sharing warmth, love, and peace of mind      
I could share all of my thoughts with our hearts so aligned      
It brightens my day to know your by my side     
A friendship so strong it's hard to find       
One day I know you may leave me behind       
And you may travel far and wide       
Sharing warmth, love, and peace of mind     
:iconsierra42098:sierra42098 1 2
Alone In The Rain by sierra42098 Alone In The Rain :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 1 12 Kaminari Takahashi by sierra42098 Kaminari Takahashi :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 0 0 Kairi Kuzunoha by sierra42098 Kairi Kuzunoha :iconsierra42098:sierra42098 1 2
Forgotten Memories Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Suggested Song: By Your Side- Tenth Avenue North
     I stare up at the ceiling and dream about the past, a past that quickly turned into a nightmare.  Tears slowly roll down my face as a dose off to dream of my past.  My name is Suki Takahashi and this is my story.
     My family was a fairly rich kind of family. Even though we were rich we didn’t do anything extravagant or out of the ordinary. Our house was kind of big and we did travel during the summer to America but otherwise we were normal people. Papa was a big time movie director so there would be times where he would go off to America without us during the school year.
     When summer came we would go to America where Papa owned a ranch. It was our summer home. Papa bought us horses that we rode while we were there. I had a painted horse. She was white with brown splotches and I named her Ghost. I gave her that name because at night it looked as if there w
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I love writing in my spare time. I keep many journals full of poems and stories. I'm someone who writes from the heart. 100% from me.

This is my main account. My side account is: :iconcece42098:

Artists/Writers Who Inspire Me:
:iconlilytz: :iconchalktwins: :iconsasayaki-san: :iconbulldozer1231: :iconreno41194: :iconamber-sky:

People I Know Offline:
:iconbulldozer1231: :iconreno41194: :iconjoshuacruz:

Journal History

Deviantart has helped me grow so much throughout the two years I've been on here...

Starting at poems:


Then moving to short stories and my AU story:

Afterwards I started to expand my horizons, so I started using bases for digital art:
Alone In The Rain by sierra42098     Suki And Kairi by sierra42098    Kairi Kuzunoha by sierra42098

I started to feel more confident thanks to all of the inspiration, support, and critiques from my fellow deviant artists/friends and I started to stray away from bases. Not all of them were necessarily any good...:

Suki In Her Gigai by sierra42098

:RQ1: Shinigami OC For Bulldozer1231 by sierra42098 Yamashita Sachiko by sierra42098Jade Taylor by sierra42098

Thanks dA for these years of growth! :D


Short story/Oneshot
Note me with the details.
Note me the theme and any other details or formats you'd like for me to use while creating your commission.



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